Saturday, January 21, 2012

Experiement in Straight Lines

This is one of those experiments that one must do just to realize that you don't need to do that again.  I like the tangles, but the overall feel of this just isn't as satisfying as the rest of my work.  I did learn a lot of new tangles in the process of doing this one, mainly Mooka, which then lead to a study of Art Nouveau, which lead to Pinterest, which lead toooo, well you get the point I'm sure.  My goal with this one was to find a way to put a grid down for some of the more square type tangles, without it being a bunch of boxes.  This did the trick, but it just doesn't flow, and I think that is what is necessary for the tangles to really look good.  Well I'm going to put this up here, just so I don't lose the tangles it contains.  This one will not give any clues to the my favorite Tangle.


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