Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Diva Challenge #60 Duo Tangles titled "Connection"

I created this for the Diva Challenge #60 Duo Tangles.  At first I was concerned that it would not go together the way I planned, and in the true sense of all self-fulfilling prophecies it didn't go as planned.  Fortunately for me, this is much better than my original plan, so I thank prophecy for my success here.  Thank you Dive for your challenges.  This is probably the only way I will take tangles into my Uncomfortable Zone.  I tend to stay in my Comfort Zone, which will never "Really" challenge me.  I guess the term "challenge" does indicate a movement from you comfort zone, which I assume is your intent here.

My original intention with this was to surround the Cirquital with the Munchins, but I found that I liked it better as a connecting force.  Reminds me of how our bones are connected to our muscle tissue, and allows us to move.  I see this tangle as "Connection".

Hope you enjoy.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


I was inspired by Dilip Patel at Things Often Speak to Me.  He is creating 100 Ganesha pages for 2012, and has asked for help in reaching his goal.  While I have been sitting with my dying mother I needed strength and this project was one that helped me a lot.  She passed yesterday morning, and I needed things to occupy my time, and I loaded this tangle for my blog. 

I'm quite a realist when it comes to representations.  I have lots of trouble with making abstract art, and abstract art interpretations.  So here is about as abstract as I can get.  The string is literally the outline of those aspects of Ganesha that I found necessary for a traditional representation of Ganesha.  I had done some research into the Hindu Religion some years ago, and Lord Ganesha is a favorite of mine.  He is represented in my home sacred space.

I hope you enjoy.