Saturday, February 25, 2012


I was inspired by Dilip Patel at Things Often Speak to Me.  He is creating 100 Ganesha pages for 2012, and has asked for help in reaching his goal.  While I have been sitting with my dying mother I needed strength and this project was one that helped me a lot.  She passed yesterday morning, and I needed things to occupy my time, and I loaded this tangle for my blog. 

I'm quite a realist when it comes to representations.  I have lots of trouble with making abstract art, and abstract art interpretations.  So here is about as abstract as I can get.  The string is literally the outline of those aspects of Ganesha that I found necessary for a traditional representation of Ganesha.  I had done some research into the Hindu Religion some years ago, and Lord Ganesha is a favorite of mine.  He is represented in my home sacred space.

I hope you enjoy.


  1. This is fabulous Shatril. Love it. Relly art work.
    Lovely greet and nice weekend

  2. I am truly touched by your gesture. Lord Ganesha ghave you strength when you needed it the most. May your mother rest in eternal peace.
    Let me tell you my secret. My mother-in-law (Malathi's mother) is completely bed ridden since the last 6 months. Ganesha is one of her favourite Gods. She has collected hundreds of art effects portraying Ganesha in her life. I undertook this project of 100 Z-Ganeshas in her honor, her peace of mind!


    1. Ah no wonder I was drawn to this project. It isn't surprising that we connected then.