Saturday, January 21, 2012

Experiement in Straight Lines

This is one of those experiments that one must do just to realize that you don't need to do that again.  I like the tangles, but the overall feel of this just isn't as satisfying as the rest of my work.  I did learn a lot of new tangles in the process of doing this one, mainly Mooka, which then lead to a study of Art Nouveau, which lead to Pinterest, which lead toooo, well you get the point I'm sure.  My goal with this one was to find a way to put a grid down for some of the more square type tangles, without it being a bunch of boxes.  This did the trick, but it just doesn't flow, and I think that is what is necessary for the tangles to really look good.  Well I'm going to put this up here, just so I don't lose the tangles it contains.  This one will not give any clues to the my favorite Tangle.


Organic Tangles

I tried for a more organic look here.  I found that I could use word words, plants, flowers and even fishes and cityscapes to enhance my work.  Have you figured out the favorite tangle yet?  Sorry about the clips on the work, but that book just doesn't stay open.  My next one will be something spiral bound so it will open flat.  However, this one is sooo cute, that I will fill it up.  You can see the way I place doodle pages in this book.  I even fold up long ones to fit nicely.  I can even lock this book, however, I won't cuz it would be just like me to lose the key then.  LOL  I hope you enjoy.

I think I'm going to try the Diva Challenge this next week, as I want to get more good ideas, and this seems like the way to do that.

Experimenting with Tangles

Here are some tangles that I have made.  I am really new to this art form, but have jumped in head first.  Right now I'm contemplating my NEEDS list, and find that my purchases are making purchases, lol.  At any rate, I did come up with a couple of new tangles, well at least new to me.  I haven't seen them anywhere else, and, of course, as a book taught tangler the are not offical tangles.  I used them to make a few Christmas cards.  I will be doing the demonstration pictures soon, but experienced zentangle officionados will figure it out easily.  I have a journal that I put these in after I photograph them.  I actually sit in bed and do them to relax.  I have fallen asleep while deciding what to do next; not good on the ink usage.  I make these cute little long lines with round flairs where the pen stops moving for a while, muwahahaha.

Zentangle Journal

I started a journal for Zentangles.  I can carry this with me everywhere, and it doesn't take up lots of room.  A couple pens, a pencil and the journal.  I have to place a paper behind the tangles, as the ink goes through in some places.  However, this is not so bad that it makes the tangles look bad.  On the sides that have the leak through I will paste the tangles that I do at random while waiting in a meeting, or just doodling when I don't have the journal with me.  Any way this is what I came up with for my first full page Zentangle, and I just love how this turned out.  I did lots of these before I had read the "String Theory", and I'm glad that I didn't know about that prior to experimenting with this stuff.  I had great fun with this.  As I put more of these up on this site, I bet you will figure out which specific tangle is my favorite to draw.  It shows up in most of them in a very bold way.  I hope you enjoy.