Sunday, April 1, 2012

Diva Weekly Challenge #64: String Theory v. VIII "Fortuneteller"

I think I'm finally back in  the groove for a bit now.  I finally have my studio space in good enough shape to work in.  Yay!!  I got some tangles done, and some digital art done.  It feels so good to be using my creative energy.

The scans didn't turn out very good, but I don't have my lightbox adjusted right yet, so I used my computer scanner.  You can get the idea of what I drew.  I loved this challenge.  The previous one sent me into a tail spin.  Never was able to produce one that I liked. :(  I learned a lot about paradox though.  LOL

Here are my tangles for the Diva Challenge No 64-Weekly Challenge #64: String Theory v. VIII "Fortuneteller" it has 8 sections.

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